Arts Festival

We are full for the Arts Festival weekend.  It’s supposed to be a very warm one, so if you’re going please leave your dog at home.  They get so hot and stepped on.  I am looking forward to seeing all the imaginative and beautiful things, maybe buying something.  It will be a busy but fun weekend.


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One of the best things about Anacortes is all the trails, great for any level of fitness.  Lately we have been walking the trail near the ferry.  It’s right by the water, level and absolutely gorgeous.  It takes us 40 minutes both ways.  Here is a heron we saw yesterday, and some lovely flowers by the side of the trail.

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Tulip Festival Continues

There is still time to visit the flower fields and display gardens.  Weather is nice and I think the tulips get prettier every year.  We were there yesterday; it’s not too crowded during the week.  Some of the art shows and things are over at the end of the month, but the tulips will still be beautiful for some time after that.

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Winter is half over

We enjoy the change of seasons that we experience here in Anacortes; this week we had beautiful snow.  But we will all be happy to see spring, and with spring come daffodils and tulips!  The Tulip Festival runs all of April, with many art shows, salmon barbecues, wine tastings, a street fair and many other events.  It is always popular and if you time it right you will see fields of beautiful flowers.  The right time?  Hard to say, but mid-April is usually pretty safe.  And there will be flowers to see ALL of April, in the display gardens.  It really is worth coming, and while you are here there are many other things to do, good restaurants and great walking trails.  Put it on your calendar and book soon!p1060147p1060155P1110911P1060405

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Change of seasons

Anacortes is finally getting some rain, which we need.  Washington rain tends to be gentle and sporadic, unlike Southern California which experiences downpours after months of drought.  We walked Washington Park yesterday and saw birds bathing in puddles, slugs trying to cross the road, and seagulls on the lookout for fish.  It was a beautiful afternoon with blue sky and fleecy clouds.  Today the gentle rain is back, making the forestlands smell so clean and fresh.  It’s not very cold so hopefully the pumpkins on our porch will last a month or so.  Recent winds blew a lot of leaves off the trees but it’s still pretty.  I can’t wait for winter: coats, scarves, gloves, cosy fireplaces, chili and soup, apple cider and gluhwein–and of course Christmas.  We haven’t had much snow for years, but you never know…

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Tulip Festival

The tulips are 3 weeks early this year.  Still beautiful though, especially at Roozengaarde display gardens.  Lots of people are here to take a look, many from Canada and of course many from Seattle.  It’s definitely worth the trip.  The fields are muddy, so  bring spare shoes.  And of course a camera.  P1110906P1110892P1110911P1110916

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Spring flowers

Nearby daffodil fields are in full bloom!  The Tulip Festival starts April 1 but the tulips may begin blooming before then since the winter was so mild.  Bring old shoes because it’s muddy.  We love walking the tulip fields, can’t wait to take pictures of the gorgeous colors.100_0133100_0114100_3012

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Merry Christmas (or whatever you celebrate)

101_3196Christmas will soon be here.  Anacortes looks festive with the main street decorations.  Many of the boats at Cap Sante are decorated too, making a beautiful picture with the reflections in the water.  Here at Autumn Leaves we will be busy with family and friends, and we wish each of you a very happy Christmas and New Year’s, and thank you to all of this year’s guests.  We have enjoyed having each one of you here.  I will say for the umpteenth time, we are so fortunate to have had such wonderful guests over the years.  Many return often and have become good friends, and for that we are very thankful.

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What’s Cooking at Autumn Leaves B&B?

Lots of things are cooking at Autumn Leaves.  We try to buy local, organic produce and right now strawberries and cherries are SO good.  Spooned onto French toast or Belgian waffles, cooked into scones or served with yogurt, they are hard to beat.  We like veggie omelets with a little cheese (and ham for the carnivores), with hash browns, fruit and home made breads and pastries.  Quiche is always good, with or without crust.  Crepes make a great sweet ending to any meal, and you can’t say no to fresh pumpkin or zuchini bread.  (No, it doesn’t taste like vegetables, it tastes wonderful.)  Maybe you should come and try for yourself.

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Valentine’s weekend

Still looking for a room for Valentine’s weekend?  We are full Saturday night but still have rooms on Friday night.  If you haven’t made plans yet, you’re running out of time!

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