Where to eat in Anacortes

There are a lot of great restaurants in Anacortes.  One of our favorites is the Brown Lantern pub: very casual, great fish & chips and fish tacos.  Anthony’s has a good selection of seafood and beef, with a water view.  We like their new addition, right next door: The Cabana, with most tables outside and very casual fare.  Adrift is popular with our guests, as is 5th Street Bistro.  Secret Cove also has a great view of the water. Lucky Chopsticks is our favorite Chinese and we have Mexican, Italian, Greek, Japanese and Thai as well.  There are other good ones that I have missed, you’ll have to come and see for yourself.  But rest assured, you won’t go hungry in Anacortes!

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Breakfast at Autumn Leaves B&B

People often ask what kind of thing we serve for breakfast, so here are a couple of pictures.  We start with fruit and/or yogurt.  Then  perhaps something sweet like waffles or French toast, always accompanied by eggs and bacon and/or sausage.  Instead of a sweet there might be an egg dish, usually with something home-baked and yummy.  Crepes are always popular, and scones, some kind of bread, coffee cake.  If you have a favorite let us know when you make your reservation.

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Arts Festival

WE HAVE A ROOM this weekend for the Arts Festival!  Had a cancellation for 8/4 and 8/5, the Garden Room, which is our largest room.  If you have any interest please give us a call.  Leave a message if we don’t pick up and we’ll call back.

The Arts Festival is the biggest and best event of the year:  200+ booths of beautiful things, no junk.  Except some of the delicious junk food.  There will be live music and the sun will be out!  It runs Friday, Saturday and Sunday so our Friday and Saturday night availability is just right.  Call for more info.

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Summer is on its way

We had a lovely foretaste of summer lately: beautiful weather, flowers and the scent of barbecues!  We had a slow spring but that will start to change as we head into June.  I’m told one website has reported we are closed.  BUT as Mark Twain said, reports of our demise are greatly exaggerated.  We are and have been open and taking reservations.   When you come, try to allow time to enjoy our restful outdoors.   We’ll give you some cookies, iced tea or coffee (or you could bring some wine) .  Rest and enjoy.

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The deer, the rabbits and squirrels, oh my!

We are being visited daily by bunnies–and beautiful baby bunnies, deer and squirrels as well as many birds and chipmunks.  Our pond is being cleaned and the waterfall will soon be working after its winter rest.  Tulips are blooming, and lilac, rhodies, bluebells and so many others.  Isn’t spring wonderful!!!

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Autumn Leaves

img_4277img_4289img_4300img_4309P1020563New England gets all the press, but leaves in this area are pretty spectacular at this time of year.  Our garden is beautiful, lots of leaves turning red, gold or yellow.  And not just ours–everywhere we are seeing lovely colors, though not as much as some years since it has been so dry.  But it is feeling like autumn and on our way to Mount Vernon we pass pumpkin fields and stands selling apples and pears.  We don’t stop at those, as we have our own fruit trees.  The peaches and plums are over, so it’s apples and pears now.  I just took an apple/pear crisp out of the oven and  the whole house smells like cinnamon, apples and sugar.  And I recently bought a pumpkin cookbook, so guests will be having pumpkin, apple or pear muffins, pancakes, coffeecake, waffles and whatever else I can come up with.  Great time of year!

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What’s cooking at Autumn Leaves?

It’s berry time in the Skagit Valley!  Just strawberries so far, but soon to be followed by blueberries and raspberries.  The berry stands are up in town and the strawberries are delicious!  We use local produce whenever possible and love to top French toast or pancakes with fresh berries.  All of our breakfasts include fresh fruit in some form or another.  They also include eggs, sometimes in a main dish casserole, sometimes as a side dish.  For those who like it we offer bacon and/or sausage or ham.  Baked goods accompany egg dishes, almost always home made.  Perhaps mini cinnamon rolls or one of our popular breads:  pumpkin, banana coconut, zuchini; or currant scones made fresh that morning.  Lemon crepes are always popular, and blueberry coffeecake.  The possibilities are endless.  Be sure to ask for your favorite when you make your reservation.

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Book now for summer

The tulip fields have been cut and tourist activity will be quieter for the next month or so.  But then summer will be upon us and the town will be busy.  Whale watching is always popular, as is kayaking, bicycling, hiking, shopping, fishing, island hopping, the casino, bowling, etc. etc.  Check out our Things to Do page:  http://autumn-leaves.com/thingstodo.cfm    We particularly enjoy the free concerts in the park on Wed. and Friday evenings.  And what could be better than sitting outside a nice restaurant drinking wine or coffee, eating something delicious and watching the world go by?  We have some good pubs, a couple of restaurants at water’s edge, and downtown restaurants to fulfill whatever you are craving.  Come and hang out with us!

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Question answered

“How far are you from town?” is a question we hear often.  Today we walked from our house into downtown, through all the shops and then home.  We are not young and not particularly fit, so I think if we can do it most people could.  Takes a while, and coming home is uphill, but I would say it’s only 2-3 miles round trip.  We like to stop at Starbuck’s (there are 3 in town) or Penguin for coffee.  Another nice walk from here is down to Cap Sante Marina.  My favorite is to walk in the forestlands and there is a trailhead less than a block from us.  So town is close but not too close.  Our neighborhood is residential, quiet and friendly.  Come check us out.

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Down time at the b&b

Most of the tourists are gone, the weather is turning cooler and damper, trees are turning lovely colors, and innkeepers are taking a deep breath and sitting back in their easy chairs.  This is the time of year (after the Oyster Run) that we take a few days to rest and then launch into maintenance projects.  We at Autumn Leaves have had painters in, ordered a new washer and dryer, tried (but haven’t yet succeeded) to hire a moss removal company, and started in-depth cleaning.  Yes, the house is always clean, but over the busy summer the pantry and kitchen shelves begin to get disorganized, the mini blinds need cleaning, and the windows sprout spider webs and birds’ decorations.  Time to get busy, call the house sitter to set up vacation dates, and think about cleaning out the garage, a job we keep for after everything else is done.  Which is why it never gets done.  But we have good intentions.

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